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Dr. Crystal McLeod is an executive leadership consultant and trainer. She develops mental wellness programs and policies to improve the overall well-being of employees for leaders and managers in the government, clinical and small business arenas.

Dr. McLeod is a 14-year veteran of the United States Air Force, who served as a clinical social worker.  As a dedicated social worker, she is passionate about her profession and helping clients see beyond the limits of their circumstances by providing the tools necessary to cultivate a healthier way of life. Dr. McLeod’s leadership and gained expertise are the foundation of her highly coveted practices in clinical training and mental health therapy. 

Her dedication to excellence and service has garnered a Social Work of the Year for South Dakota’s National Association of Social Workers, a first feature in Forbes Women’s Magazine, nine individual Air Force awards for outstanding performance, and four annual team awards.  Dr. McLeod’s accolades showcase her keen understanding of developing thriving cohesive teams, implementing effective process improvements, and providing quality service capabilities.  

Dr. McLeod thrives when working in collaborative and cross-functional environments. She excels in program management, budgeting, leadership coaching, and policy development. Dr. McLeod provides an energetic and engaging process that delivers effective communication, training skills, and solid leadership.  Growth and progression is her guarantee.

A true advocate of self-motivation and betterment, Dr. McLeod is an avid gym goer ensuring that her physical fitness is a top priority. She also enjoys traveling and researching new professions. Always ready to take any opportunity to speak life into audience’s worldwide, Dr. McLeod believes that her secret to success is prioritizing and centering her personal self-care so that she is able to pour into the world that needs her.

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